Need help on a IT project? Besides being a developer, I also have experience in project management, databases, Linux server administration and cloud technologies.

Web Development

I've worked on several high profile websites for clients, as well as many personal projects, specializing in PHP (LAMP), Drupal, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

App Development

I have more than 10 years of experience in application development for various platforms and languages. I have developed and worked on projects in C/C++, .NET, Java, Python and Objective-C, including IOS and Android apps.

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dmateos: @Imsopov I dont play many games these days, so itd just be sitting in my steam wallet then
dmateos: @mslaurenlou Yeah i havent played for years, so i guess when i do open it they see it, see my profile/playtime and figure im an easy mark ha
dmateos: @mslaurenlou Id sell it if i could cash out, no way to do that seems safe tho. Its some pyromancer one with a purple heart going around it